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Foundation technique

"JEWELRY" is an abbreviated word of JW excellent library. As a collection of unique peptide memetic compounds possessed by JW. In addition to the usual small molecule synthetic chemical compound, it contains about 25,000 peptide-like structural compounds found in proteins such as α-helix, β-turn, and β-sheet in vivo.
From this JWELRY, using various new screening systems such as HTS have been found to find innovative new medicine candidates that regulate Protein-Protein Interaction.
The Wnt signaling pathways are a group of signal transduction pathways made of proteins that pass signals into a cell through cell surface receptors. These processes are necessary for proper formation of important tissues including bone, heart and muscle. Its role in embryonic development was discovered when genetic mutations in Wnt pathway proteins produced abnormal fruit fly embryos. Wnt signaling also controls tissue regeneration in adult bone marrow, skin, muscle, hair and intestine. This pathway's clinical importance was demonstrated by mutations that lead to various diseases, including cancer, type II diabetes, and neurological diseases, the development of innovative new medicine targeted at key factors in the WNT signaling pathway has attract great attention.
“WNT/ β-catenin signal transmission modulating compound high-efficiency screening system”
Through 12 β-catenin combining sites, more sensitive reactivity detection for WNT/ β-catenin signal
Applicable as high-efficiency screening system(HTS) of WNT signal transmission modulating compounds
CLOVER is an information-intensive technology platform that the C&C Research Laboratories has built since 2012. It is a kind of research portal which contains genetic information of about 300 kinds of cancer cells including 120 kinds of derived cancer cells from Korean cancer patients. Rapid and efficient medicine development has become possible by predicting medicine reactivity and discovering biomarkers
“DC vaccine technology”
It is a patient-customized treatment using individual immune cells, and a new form of treatment that can be Administered concurrently with chemical therapeutics and shows very low toxicity and side effects. Dendritic cells (DCs) are a principal antigen-presenting cell that acts as a commander of human immunity. They Present the antigen information to T cells and educate them to induce antigen specific T cell immune responses. If these cells fail to function normally, they will develop autoimmune diseases, cancers, and infectious diseases DC vaccine consists of dendritic cells generated from patient’s own monocytes in specialized generation method of JW CreaGene (patent No.: KR 10-1518972). When well trained DCs are injected into the patient, they move to lymph node, educate T cells to recognize cancer cells, and induce activation and proliferation of T cells. Finally, the activated T cells leave to blood to find, meet, and kill cancer cells. And released antigens from dying cancer cells can induce secondary immune responses. Furthermore, DC vaccinations induce memory T cells and these T cells help to prevent cancer recurrence.
“CTP(Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide) technology”
CTP is a drug delivery technology that effectively transfers macromolecules to the cytoplasm. CTP is very useful as a drug delivery system that allows biologically active medicine to work in the cytoplasm. Drugs that are fused to CTP can exhibit effective results even at low concentrations due to improved cell membrane permeability.
In particular, when a recombinant protein fused with CTP is used as a cancer antigen, it exhibits a high antigen-sensitizing effect on dendritic cells, which can kill tumor cells by activating Cytotoxic T cells.