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R&D JW, leading global drug development

Research center

Present condition of research center
Since the JW Group established the Central Research institute in 1983, in 1992 we collaborated with Roche, Jugai to create the first bio-venture institute in Korea,
C&C Research Laboratories, and established JW Theriac in Seattle, USA to establish a global R&D network in 2000.
Currently, for companies, including JW Pharmaceutical, operate eight research centers to promote the development of innovative medicines,
medical devices and diagnostic reagents.
  • Seocho-gu, Seoul

    Drug Discovery Center

    Core foundation technique :
    Anti-cancer therapy/Regenerative medicine

    • - Pepetidomimetic chemical library
    • - WNT modulator for anticancer and tissue regeneration
    Seocho-gu, Seoul

    Pharmaceutical Technology Research Center

    Core foundation technique :
    IMD, New Formulation

    • - Controlled Release (SMEDDS, Multi-layered Coating)
    • - Fixed-Dose Combination
    • - New Salts Formulation
    • - Formulation Change
    Seocho-gu, Seoul

    Raw Material Research Center

    Core foundation technique :
    Process Development of NCE, IMD and Generic /
    API Development

    • - Process Development of NCE (Salt Selection, Polymorphism)
    • - High Potency Drug (Peptide, Steroid)
    • - High Value-added New Technology (High-quality Purification Technology, Continuous Flow Reaction)
  • Suwon-si, Gyeonggi

    C&C Research Laboratories

    Core foundation technique :

    • - Structure-based drug discovery
    • - Onco-panel assay and data base
  • Seattle, USA

    JW Theriac

    Core foundation technique :
    Target-Based Drug Discovery

    • - High-throughput screening (HTS) system
    • - Epigenetic drug discovery
  • Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi

    JW CreaGene

    Core foundation technique :
    Immune cell vaccine

    • - Dendritic cell vaccine
    • - Cytoplasmic transduction peptide technology (CTP)
    • - Protein manufacturing techniques
  • Dangjin-si, Chungnam

    Infusion solution research center

    Core foundation technique :
    High value Infusion solution

    • - Lipid Emulsion Technology
    • - TPN Manufacturing Technology (Convenient multi-chamber system)
    • - medicinal Bag/container manufacturing and development technology
    • - Pre-mix antibiotics development technology
  • Geunchun-gu, Seoul

    R&D center

    Core foundation technique :
    Medical device /Diagnostic reagent

    • - Infant Care System : Incubator, Warmer, Phototherapy
    • - Operating Room Solution : Operating light, Operating Table
    • - OB/GYN Solution : OB/GYN Examining Table
    • - Novel biomarker-based IVD assay development
    • - Antibody screening for IVD assay