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R&D JW, leading global new drug development

Research Policy

Based on the long history and know-how in treatment and medicine field, the JW Holdings constantly researching and developing innovative new medicine. We are targeting the diseases with high demand for medical unmet needs, concentrating on the development of innovative new medicines using the JW’s unique technology, and conducting research activities in line with global trends through open innovation.
  • Pepetidomimetic chemical library
  • WNT modulator for anticancer and tissue regeneration
  • Structure-based drug discovery
  • Onco-panel assay and data base
  • High-throughput screening (HTS) system
  • Epigenetic drug discovery
  • Controlled Release (SMEDDS, Multi-layered Coating)
  • Fixed-Dose Combination
  • Formulation Change
  • Process Development of NCE (Salt Selection, Polymorphism)
  • High Potency Drug (Peptide, Steroid)
  • High Value-added New Technology (High-quality Purification Technology, Continuous Flow Reaction)