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R&D JW, leading global drug development

Research Direction

Based on the long history and know-how in treatment and medicine field, the JW Holdings constantly researching and developing innovative new medicine.
We are targeting the diseases with high demand for medical unmet needs, concentrating on the development of innovative new medicines using the JW’s unique technology, and conducting research activities in line with global trends through open innovation.
Science & Innovation R&D

“Health Care” “Contribution to the improvement of human health culture.”
By producing and providing innovative technologies, products and services to support healthy life of humankind, JW group pursues creation of bright/healthy society and satisfaction/happiness of customers, shareholders and employees.

Nutrition therapy R&D

“Critical Care” “Contribution to quick refreshment thru’ nutritional improvement of critical patients.”
Provides innovative treatments and total solutions helping nutritional management and treatment for life-threatening patients, and creates new value in nutritional therapy by new ingredient development.

Diagnostics R&D

“Medical Care” “Pursue a new paradigm of in-vitro diagnostic."
Leads development of high-tech medical devices based on innovative scientific technology, and provides useful information to doctors and patients by establishing precise diagnosis system equipped with early diagnosis of disease, prognosis prediction, and treatment monitoring, etc.